Daniel Smith Sugilite – It Glitters

Recently I mentioned my enthusiasm for Daniel Smith PrimaTek colours. Thanks to that euphoria, I now possess a colour I have no idea what to do with it. Looking at the colour examples of Sugilite Genuine for the first time I thought it would be excellent for "warmer" shadows. It seems I did not understand the description, because I was overwhelmed of the glitter this colour contains.

If I had to find a name for it, it would be: Lavender Grey Glitter. What could it be used for? My first idea was: shadows in a snowy landscape. The hue would fit but in shadows, there is no light and therefore no sparkling snow.

In general: Sugilite dries very fast; it needs a lot of water for rewetting.

It do not matter which colour one uses for mixing the result will glitter. The combination with GAG and HYM is rather ugly. The mix with QG or MANS can be used for gold or bronze. The combination with SG or BG results in war variations of silver or steel. Mixing it with other colours mutes them and lets them twinkle.

Even in a very watery solution, Sugilite keeps its intrinsic colour. It is not fully transparent. This makes it unsuitable for painting the highlights in snow or water. They glitter but become darker. Here I would use Coliro Shimmer Pearlcolors instead.

I could not find a reasonable use for Sugilite in urban sketching. May be it reveals its special magic at historic costumes, fantasy worlds and – oh yes – Christmas time. I will fetch it again in December.

Abbr.: BG=Bloodstone Genuine, BT=Buff Titanium, CB=Cobalt Blue, CBC=Cerulean Blue Chrom, CT=Cobalt Turquoise, GAG=Green Apatite Genuine, HYM=Hansa Yellow Medium, JG=Jadeit Genuine, MANS=Monte Amiata Natural Siena, PP=Potter’s Pink, QG=Quinacridon Gold, QR=Quinacridon Rose, SG=Sodalite Genuine, TPO=Transparent Pyroll Orange, TRO=Transparent Red Oxid; all colours by Daniel Smith, only PP by Winsor & Newton

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