Negative Space In Spring

Last week the USK Vienna meeting happened outside for the first time this year. Although it is getting warmer, my fingers were still a little bit frozen. Therefore, I only made a quick sketch of the negative space between two rows of houses. Criminally neglecting this method most of the time it worked surprisingly well. However, the ornaments and windows of the historistic houses were extremely boring.

This time I used the water-soluble ink, which came with my Sailor Fude de Mannen fountain pen. This particular bent nib allows varying the thickness of a line by changing the angle of the pen. That alone is great. Furthermore, the two cartridges, that came with the pen, are filled with the blackest and most water-soluble ink I have ever seen.
Initially I did not want to sketch the tree but the sketch looked rather gloomy for a day in spring. Besides that, I have a new – the last one for a long time – PrimaTek colour. Piemontite Genuine, I will tell more about it later, is originally Brown but becomes pale Pink when diluting it as you can see at the blossoms.

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