You Can Always Rely On Viennese Booksellers

I like to practice angles by sketching books. While making these sketches I thought about online orders, local booksellers and how steadfastly they stick to their behaviour even during an existential crisis.

After a kaleidoscope of incapacity in the most Viennese bookstores, I decided decades ago to order all my books online from the supplier where the whole world orders. Due to the current situation I have started to rethink this behaviour. My project to support the local economy as well as local businesses was an unusual burden on my budget. But as a dear friend of mine explained to me, it was not about making a bargain, but about helping local businesses. Apart from a clear conscience, the fight against the inner savings fox brought me true culinary delights. The bakery and butcher around the office have fantastic goods! I also experienced a surprisingly prompt delivery. Something as banal as hair care products was already on the doorstep the day after the order was placed. I was really willing to give the local bookstores a chance and ordered two books.

The price (without shipping costs) was more than 7 Euros higher than where I usually buy. After more than a week one book was delivered. No idea and especially no notification when I can expect the second one. In times of a global crisis it’s nice to be able to rely on something, even if it’s just the incompetence of the local bookstore. Dear Viennese booksellers, that’s it: crisis or not, you deserve that people buy your goods elsewhere.

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