Sketching in Styria

It’s not that I’ve refused the brush over the last few months, but I’ve been in absolutely no mood to publish anything. Like almost everyone, I’m struggling with the fact that the world is out of joint. Actually, I could feel really young, because we are regressing to the 1980s: borders, barbed wire, life with the bomb, etc., but somehow no idyllic nostalgia wants to settle in with me. In a way, showing holiday sketches seems out of place at the moment. On the other hand, I am absolutely aware that reflecting about human stupidity in the closet won’t make the world a better place. My sketches don’t make it more beautiful either, but at least they don’t harm it.

At the end of May I was in Bad Waltersdorf in Styria in a hotel with a view.

Sunshine and a fabulous garden even tempted me into a summer still life.

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