Minoritenkirche And Sketch Walk

Before joining the USK Vienna for a sketch walk and a guided tour with the USK Prague I had some time to sketch the Minoritenkirche (Friars Minor Conventual Church).  At the moment I am going back to sketch smaller therefore I used a fine liner. This building has a lot of angles, distorted lines, and thankfully to the afternoon sun a lot of light and shadows, which disappeared behind a big cloud at the moment I started colouring. Of course I was running out of time, so I had again to do some shadow guessing.

Afterwards I met the USK Vienna and was so impressed by the guided tour that I nearly forgot to sketch. But finally I inaugurated a small sketchbook (12×16 cm) by I LOVE ART (no idea who that is) I bought a while ago. It is lightweight, handy and has watercolour paper (200g). The sketch of a typical street corner in the centre of Vienna was done with a Sailor Fude and a waterbrush. The Sailor ink gets completely out of control as soon as it makes contact with water. I love it!

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