MAK – Inner Courtyard

I sketched a part of the MAK (Museum of Applied Arts) last year using a smaller sketchbook (Stilman & Birn, Beta, A5, hardbound). In the meanwhile I use a bigger one (Stilman & Birn, Beta, 20.3 x 25.4, Softcover) with the same paper quality (270 gsm, White, Cold Press). I have more space now but the beautiful Inner court of the museum still does not fit on the page.
The building is another example of the in Vienna so often found Historicism. Fortunately, here the Renaissance inspired Heinrich von Ferstel. Aside from the architecture, the museum shows marvellous exhibits in diffuse lighting conditions. I know one has to be careful with light due to conservation but enlightening not only the mind of the visitors but also the rooms would be an improvement.

By the way, this time I was not sketching alone. I accompanied Mr Wong and his personal assistant.

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