Jedenspeigen Castle

World history was written here – well not exactly here, but a few steps from here. There the battle at Dürnkrut und Jedenspeigen took place on the 26th of August 1278. Rudolf I of Habsburg defeated Ottokar II. Přemysl. This was the beginning of the ascendancy of the House of Habsburg in Central Europe.

The castle from the medieval period doesn’t exist anymore. Today’s building was originally built during the 16th/17th century. I lost control of the perspective on the left side, but that’s not a big deal. The castle was rebuilt so many times it looks very wonky and inconsistent. This was a good opportunity to experiment with Potter’s Pink by Winsor & Newton for the first time. At first glance a boring pale pink, it hides some interesting characteristics. In the meantime I use it as a sort of miracle cure when mixing colours.

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