About Me

My name is Patricia. Travelling, painting flat tin figures and urban sketching are three of my four hobbies. And that’s exactly what this website is about. For the sake of completeness my fourth hobby is reading, but I can’t imagine anyone being interested in photos showing me reading different books.


I got my first flight ticket when I was eight years old. Since then I know that I love to travel but I hate to go on a journey. (I suffer from every sort of travel sickness.) I like to be somewhere else but I don’t like to go there. In 1996 I started to collect my travel photos in large folders. Whenever someone wanted to have a look at the photos I had to carry a bulky, heavy folder around. During the last two years I started experimenting with videos. In the meantime there exist only holiday videos. I publish them online and whoever wants to watch them can do so. Sorry, no background music due to exploitation rights.

Tin figures

I can’t remember when I started painting them. I is quite a long time ago. It is very relaxing listening to music or an audio book while painting cute animals, fairy tale figures, Christmas tree decorations, etc. – especially during the colder seasons.

Urban Sketching

I started urbans sketching recently. I wrote a post about how and why I started. Since 2018 I try to go more or less regularly to the weekly meeting of the USK Vienna.

Now you even now where I live. Beside that you can meet me frequently on Instagram, sometimes on Facebook, nearly always by mail, and especially in the northern parts of Italy or everywhere, where real winter exists and the summer only passes by quickly.

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