The Museumsdorf Niedersulz In Colour And Black And White

I love open-air museums! For me that is the closest thing to a time travel. If there is such a museum near my final travel destination, a visit there is mandatory. Beside that, I am in the happy position of living near the Weinviertler Museumsdorfs Niedersulz in Lower Austria. It started as a hobby of the pack rat church painter Josef Geissler. Meanwhile it contains more than 80 objects, on over 22ha, which are arranged so professionally that one really has the feeling to walk through a village in 1900.

Last Sunday it was very quiet there despite the fine weather. So I had a lot of space (but unfortunately too little time, because I needed a ride again) to be creative.

I hate to take pictures with my smartphone. Probably because I am more familiar with my camera, the mobile phone pictures always disappoint me. This time the colourfulness of the summer (yes, for once I find praising words for this season) and the nostalgia of the houses made me particularly daring. I inaugurated the black and white filter of my photo app. For the first time I consciously perceived how expressive black and white can be. I also like the extreme contrast to the colour images. I think I should use this when drawing. Unfortunately there is no filter. I will probably have to do it myself.

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