The Arcaded Courtyard In The University Of Vienna

After a long period I visited my Alma Mater again. Founded in 1365 the University of Vienna was originally located near the Jesuit church. In 1884 it moved to the new building at the Ringstraße. A historistic building in neo-rennaissance-style – it goes without mentioning that Heinrich Ferstel was the architect.

Meanwhile the University of Vienna has several locations all over the town. During the last decades the main building is a permeant constructing area, like the arcaded courtyard, where the USK Vienna met this week.

A good chance to practice bows. As I realized during the set up that I got lost in the details I switched to ink and then immediately to the brush. This time I only used a Sable Blend Dagger (1/4") by Rosemary. Initially too bulky for my sketchbook (A5 Stilman & Birn Beta) it turned out to be multifunctional even for the details. However it takes some time and practising to get used to it.

I am not so happy with the bows, but the whole sketch only took me 60 minutes.

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