St. Josef’s Hospital Church Speising

This time it really took a long time before I picked up the brush again. The last months were not exactly fun privately, professionally and healthwise even without Corona. The same applied to the reason why there was time for sketching again. I made a sick call at the other end of town. Because I was quite rusty, I stopped in the palace park of Schönbrunn and tried my hand at the Palmenhaus. Not exactly the easiest object for a warmup sketch. (I have a small weakness for these huge greenhouses.)

Since I will hardly come to Italy this year to practice sketching roofs, I was content with the rear view of the parish church Maria Hietzing.

My actual destination was the Orthopaedic Hospital Speising. Built in 1910, the complex was originally an orphanage. Probably the children would have wished for something else, but they got a very nice church with a rondo.

The sketching was really good for me and the patient I visited is making excellent recovery progress.

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