Shopping In Venice Without Venice

With a heavy heart I have already resigned myself to it, I will not travel to Venice this year. But thanks to Valeria and Sebastian from Venezia Autentica a piece of Venice came to me. Whenever I am on location I support their original initiative for sustainable tourism. Now, to the distress of my bank account, they have set up an online shop.

I could get by with a pair of shoes all my life, but not even a week with the same bag. Yes, I too have luxury problems. I downsized one of them by ordering two handmade bags. I was able to choose the colour from a quite extensive palette, which immediately gave Valeria and Sebastian extra work, as there was no more suede in teal. Therefore I got nubuck leather without extra charge and so that I really know what I’m going for, the two went to the workshop of the artisan to photograph the leather for me. Now that’s what I call customer service.

The bags are an exquisite example of the famous Venetian craftsmanship and are much more spacious than they look. If you like high-quality, handmade, individual things, you should definitely visit Venezia Autentica. (This is a purely personal recommendation, I do not get any percentages or other discounts there).

Sketching bags is even more difficult for me than sketching books – no idea why. Maybe because it gives me a good excuse to buy more of both to have more models to practice …

Anyway, this time I also provided two photos. You should see how beautiful the bags really are.

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