My First Sketchcrawl

This week Sandra, one of our unfailing USK Vienna organizers, called for a sketch crawl. It should be my first one. Quick sketching is not one of my strengths. To avoid making a fool of myself I started practising two days before the meeting during lunch break.

25 minutes for each sketch and 3 stops at least forced me to reduce my equipment. I have always wanted to try the Pentel Sign Pen Brush for sketching. It is very water-soluble. Combining it with a water brush it should be an ideal tool for shadowing. After trying it on some doors and a front, it was obvious that I also needed a fine liner for the details and some guiding lines. The lines of my Lamy fountain pen were too thick.

The biggest challenge during the sketch crawl was finding one motive out of so many that I could sketch within the timeframe. As soon as I had started surprisingly any pressure of time vanished. (Steeples have something magical for me: I always start too far up, running out of space for the roof.)

In general the sketch crawl was more relaxing and successful than I had expected.

Oh yes, the green windows – that is another story, that will not be revealed today.

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