In The Natural History Museum

Vienna has experienced the warmest October since years but last Wednesday it had to rain. This answered the question if the USK Vienna will sketch outside or inside the museum quickly. Nevertheless it was an active and amusing evening. Especially because we had a lovely visitor. Carol form the beautify Santa Cruz (I know it’s beautiful, I was there some years ago.) in California joined us. I like it very much when urban sketcher from outside Vienna drop by. That’s always a lot of fun.

As child I visited the Natural History Museum frequently. And since that period I haven’t been there. This has to change, they have an overwhelming number of interesting sketching motives there.

I have a fondness for birds of prey and this griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus) directly above the room entrance appears very intimidating. Besides it is an unusual perspective. My experience in sketching animals is fractional. Nevertheless I finished the sketch of the bird surprisingly quickly. First I wanted to spare the background, later the ostentatious entrance appealed to me. Practising reducing the setup and watercolour first paid. The whole sketch took me less than an hour which is very fast for me.

Fortunately a museum provides so many sketching possibilities. I sketched a dinosaur (Iguanodon bernissartensis) with watercolour pencil and a grey Pentel touch in a rush.

Hurrah! I finished my Stillman & Birn Beta Series A5!

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