Autumn Coat – Or What I Really Need

After sketching my autumn hat I found it a good idea to sketch my preferred autumn outfit including my duffle coat. Sketching the foreshortening of the boots was the most difficult thing.

Lamy Safari EF, Rohrers Traditional Ink Ceresblack, WN Watercolour, Hahnemühle Watercolor Book 200g

By the way this duffle coat has a history. Last autumn I witnessed an accident between a car and a bicycle. Thankfully nobody was insured. The bicyclist was dressed in black and grey, which was not very helpful in a rainy dark autumn night. Possessing a black winter coat I promised myself that my next coat will be in a brighter colour. About a week later a shop opened on the way to my office. In the window it displayed a wonderful red duffle coat. Whenever I passed by I looked at it. Not that I needed a new coat, I wanted it. On the other hand I also wanted a new mobile phone. After some days of consideration I decided to spend the money for the new phone on the red duffle coat. Friday midday I bought the duffle coat. Friday evening my only existing mobile phone packed up completely.

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