Albrecht Dürer and Urban Sketching

The Albertina in Vienna holds the largest collection of drawings by Albrecht Dürer. Among them the Hare, the Large Piece of Turf, the Praying Hands, etc.  The originals are shown every few years, including in autumn 2019 during a major Dürer exhibition. Actually I didn’t want to go, but I was made aware of Dürer’s landscape drawings. Yesterday I therefore visited the Albertina.  Indeed, urban sketching enjoys a very long tradition. 🙂

Covered Bridge by the Haller Gate Nuremberg (1494)

Innsbruck from the North (1495)

Courtyard Innsbruck Castle by North (1495)

Courtyard Innsbruck Castle by South (1495)

I’m really glad to have seen the exhibition. Not only because of the landscape drawings, but because it demonstrates very impressively how versatile Dürer was in his work, and that he need not fear comparison with his famous Italian colleagues.

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