A Weekend With Oliver Hoeller

At the beginning of September a two-day workshop with Oliver Hoeller took place in Vienna. It was a very intensive weekend, during which I learned a lot. Workshops are a wonderful thing because they force me to leave my comfort zone and try something I wouldn’t have considered otherwise. With Oliver I was in good hands.

I sketched this apple the morning of the first day.

After half a day with Oliver, my apple looked like this.

The next day I tried to put some of what I had learned into practice at Michaelerplatz. When I presented my work to Oliver, proud of having overcome all inner barriers of control, accuracy and perfection, he sent me back to the square and asked me to listen to the people and integrate some of their conversations into the sketch. That was a very difficult task. I almost always wear earphones when sketching so I don’t have to hear the babble of voices around me! As I walked across the square, I heard three Italian teenagers, one of whom suddenly exclaimed with passion: "Sentiamo!", which among other things means "[We] listen!"

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